Storing Login Details

All parameters that are specified on the command line to dcrd, dcrwallet and dcrctl can also be kept in configuration files. This is a good way of storing your login credentials so that you do not need to include them in scripts or type them into the terminal all the time.

Operating system differences

The files and file content are the same on all platforms. The only difference is the file location. Each program (dcrd, dcrwallet, and dcrctl has a directory of its own to store the configuration files. On Windows they are located in %LOCALAPPDATA% (you can type that into the Windows explorer location bar to go straight to the folder). On Linux and other properly behaving UNIX they are in ~/.dcrd/, ~/.dcrwallet/, and ~/.dcrctl/ respectively. These are hidden directories and will not show up with ls, but are accessible using cd .dcrd, cd .dcrwallet, and cd .dcrctl from the home directory. OS X does not follow the proper UNIX way and puts them in ~/Libraries/Application Support/Dcrd, ~/Libraries/Application Support/Dcrwallet, and ~/Libraries/Application Support/Dcrctl.

Only the dcrd and dcrwallet folders are created by default. If you want to store the login information for dcrctl you will need to manually create the directory for it.


Go to your dcrd folder as specified above and create a text file called dcrd.conf. Open it with whatever editor you like and type it the following lines:

[Application Options]


Choose any username and password you want. You do not need to register these anywhere and they will only be used to allow your wallet and control tool to communicate with the daemon you are running


The procedure for the wallet is almost the same as for dcrd. Go to the dcrwallet folder and create a text file called dcrwallet.conf. Open it and enter the following lines:

[Application Options]


As with dcrd you can use any values you want here. If you choose to use a different set of credentials than you did for dcrd you will also need to add:


If you use the same credentials you can leave those values out.

If you set a public password for the wallet (the second password during the wallet creation) you can also add that here:


You cannot specify you wallet passphrase in the config files. That must be entered manually with dcrctl.


To save the auth info for dcrctl you need to create the directory for it (see above for the location) and open a file named dcrctl.conf. Add the following info (using the username and password you set for dcrd. If you used different credentials for dcrwallet you will need to specify one here and the other on the command line but if they are the same this will work for both.

[Application Options]


Additional Configuration Options

All command line options can be put in the config file. The sample config files in the release package gives additional options or you can run one of the programs with the -h option to show the online help listed all the options.