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Contributor Projects

The following is a list of projects which have been created by members of the Decred community. These are not official Decred projects, and as such they are not necessarily endorsed or supported by the Decred developers.


Project Description General purpose Decred dashboard Dashboard with a focus on mining

Mobile apps

Project Description
Decred Widgets Homescreen widgets for Android showing Decred stats
DCR Prices Detailed price information in an Android app
Dcrstats (Android/iOS) Companion app for


Project Description
Decred Wallet Gui Alternative wallet GUI written in Java

Proof of Stake

Project Description
Evolution Alternative to official stake pools
PoS Master Calculate returns on PoS voting

Command line

Project Description
dcrspy Monitor details of the Decred network
Balance and ticket stats Bash script displaying wallet stats
dcrstatus Dashboard showing personal stats in Bash