Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Decred are organized into the sections below. As new questions appear from users and are answered, new sections will be added to reflect the new content.

1. General

Questions about Decred’s origin and pronunciation.

2. Configuration

Questions about port numbers, configuration files, running mainnet and testnet simultaneously, the security implications of identical RPC passwords, and connection to outbound peers.

3. Wallets and Seeds

Questions about your wallet seed, converting your wallet seed hex to words, running multiple wallets, someone gaining access to wallet.db, brute-force attacks on random wallets, non-functional seed words, importing keys in wallet import format (WIF), differences between testnet and mainnet addresses, and the different types of addresses.

4. Web Client

Questions about web client security, solo proof-of-stake mining with the web client, and deleting the web client wallet.

5. Blocks

Questions about blocks becoming orphaned, the testnet and mainnet block explorers, orphan information messages, downloading the blockchain, the genesis block, and fork information messages.

6. Proof-of-stake

6.1 Solo Mining

Questions about stake mining hash power, stake mining peers, unreachable and locked voting wallets, testing machines for reachability, and running multiple voting wallets.

6.2 Buying Tickets and Fees

Questions about purchased tickets, paying transactions fees for ssgen transactions, changing the ticket fee, manually buying tickets, and setting the ticket fee.

6.3 Voting Tickets

Questions about when proof-of-stake voting started, the ticket pool size, ticket expiry and the transaction fee, tickets purchased prior to block 4,096, scenarios where no voters are selected, tickets missing their votes, and differences between missed and revoked tickets.

6.4 Stake Pools

Questions about the benefits of using a stake pool, reward splitting between participants, running your wallet when using a stake pool, stake pool user capacity, setting vote bits, safeguards to protect your funds in a stake pool, and examples of stake pool tickets.

7. Proof-of-work Mining

Questions about mined coins appearing in your wallet and finding out which block you mined.