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Web Client

1. How secure is the web client?

The web client is a fork of Copay, so it is as secure as that1. The seed (and hence private keys) are kept and computed locally in your browser’s local storage and everything is run client-side. The server never has access to any of the private data needed to spend coins.

2. Can you solo stake mine with the web client?

No, recall that the browser wallet runs locally on your machine. That would not lend itself well to running 24/7. As a result, the browser wallet will never be able to solo stake2. It would however be possible to support stake pooling with it. Stake pools provide you with the ability to not have a wallet running 24/7 since it will be the pool’s responsibility to be online and cast a vote on your behalf at that point.

3. Is it safe to delete the wallet and start over?

It is safe3. The only difference is you will need to go to Import Wallet this time instead of creating a new one.


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