The first thing you will need to do to get started with Decred is create your wallet. Your wallet is like a bank account. It can contain many address and like your bank account you don’t want to give anyone else access to it. An address is like a sub account. If you want to receive DCR from someone else, you give them an address that is linked to your wallet. You can create a new address for each transaction or reuse the same address multiple times but it is strongly recommended that you do not reuse addresses. Your wallet can generate as many address as you want. There are three parts to getting started with Decred:

  • Connecting to the Decred network by starting a node.
  • Creating your wallet and attaching it to the node.
  • Controlling your wallet and performing transactions.

Once you’re setup and online there are four ways you can add DCR to your wallet.

  • Purchase from an exchange
  • Proof-of-Work mining
  • Proof-of-Stake mining (assuming you already have some DCR)
  • Have someone send you some DCR

Note: You might soon notice one of the many differences between Decred and other popular cryptocurrencies: the wallet daemon and node daemon are separate. A lot of other coins run these functions together in a single daemon. For those who choose to use the command line interfaces, this means you must run dcrd for full node functionality, and dcrwallet to store your DCR, create transactions and participate in Proof-of-Stake mining/voting.

1. User Guides

1.1 Windows

While this guide assumes you have no knowledge of Decred, cryptocurrency in general, or the Windows command line, it does assume you have some basic Windows knowledge including how to use Windows Explorer to unzip files.

1.2 Linux/UNIX

This guide will take you through the setup of the Decred daemon and wallet on Linux. Some familiarity with navigating the Linux shell and extracting tar balls is assumed.

1.3 OS X

This guide will take you through the setup of the Decred daemon and wallet on OS X. Some familiarity with navigating the UNIX shell and extracting tar balls is assumed.

1.4. Web

This section describes the web wallet. The web wallet is a basic online wallet that allows you to send and receive DCR. It is still under development and so lacks a number of features that are in the command line wallet (for example, stake mining is not currently supported).

2. Obtaining DCR

This section describes some of the ways to aquire DCR.

3. Using the Block Explorer

This section describes the block explorer for Decred.