Proof-of-Work (PoW) Mining

Solo Mining or Pool Mining

Solo Mining

Solo mining is not recommended and is not covered by this documentation! The Decred network regularly sees a network hash rate of up to 10,000Gh/s. Solo mining is generally only done by advanced individuals or organized groups with a large cluster of GPUs so it is not addressed here.

Pool Mining

When you mine in a pool, your hashrate is combined with all the other pool miners’ hashrates to look for the correct solution for a block. You will receive a reward based on the amount of work your miner performs in the pool. Pool mining distributes shares based on blocks found so you can earn a steady amount of Decred rather than the “all or none” of solo mining.

Obtain a Decred Address to Receive Funds With

Follow the dcrctl Basics guide and create an address so you can withdraw mining rewards to it.

Sign up for a Mining Pool

These mining pools are known to support Decred:

Mining pools all work more or less the same but you may wish to sign up at multiple pools and see which one suits you the best.

Please choose to mine on a smaller pool so the network’s hashrate can be spread out for better decentralization of mining power!

GPU Drivers/Software

GPU drivers usually contain the libraries needed for mining. If you have difficulties running the software you may wish to re-install and specifically check that the OpenCL (AMD) or CUDA (NVIDIA) libraries are selected.

Select and Download Mining Software

Official Decred Mining Software Builds


It is recommended that everyone use gominer for Decred. This is the easiest miner to setup and start mining. Currently, the latest version of gominer is v0.6.0 and the official binaries can be downloaded from

Please be certain to select the correct operating system (Windows/Linux) and the correct version for your GPU type (CUDA for NVIDIA cards, OpenCL/OpenCLADL for AMD cards). gominer is only available to 64-bit operating systems. User guides to start mining with gominer can be found here:


cgminer is a popular miner for AMD GPUs that has a long history of use in many different cryptocurrencies. It is more difficult to use than the decred gominer.


ccminer is a popular miner for NVIDIA GPUs that has a long history of use in many different cryptocurrencies. It is more difficult to use than the decred gominer.

Official builds of ccminer and cgminer are available on GitHub from the following link:

Unofficial Miners

Those with an AMD graphics card running Windows may want to download sgminer.

Running the Software

  • Decompress and install the software to a place of your choosing.
  • Open a command prompt to that path.
  • Follow your mining pools instructions for setup.
  • Run the miner.

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