Linux User Guide

Connect dcrd to the Decred network

Step One

Note that all dcrd, dcrwallet, and dcrctl commands must be executed in the directory where your Decred files are! Start dcrd:

~/Decred/$ ./dcrd -u <username> -P <password>

Start dcrwallet:

~/Decred/$ ./dcrwallet -u <username> -P <password>

Step Two

Generate a new wallet address:

~/Decred/$ ./dcrctl -u <username> -P <password> --wallet getnewaddress default

Copy the new address (output from the last command). Close/stop dcrd and dcrwallet by pressing ctrl+c in each window.

Step Three

Restart dcrd using the command:

~/Decred/$ ./dcrd -u <username> -P <password> --miningaddr <new address from step two or your web client wallet address>

Step Four

Setup TLS security by copying rpc.cert to /usr/share/ca-certificates:

sudo cp /home/<username>/.dcrd/rpc.cert /usr/share/ca-certificates/dcrd.crt

Use a text editor to add the line “dcrd.crt” (no quotes) to /etc/ca-certificates.conf:

sudo gedit /etc/ca-certificates.conf

Update the CA certificate list:

sudo update-ca-certificates

Download and extract cgminer

Visit to find the latest cgminer release. To download and extract via your Linux terminal, use the following commands:

tar -xvf cgminer-decred-linux-x86_64-20160208.tar.gz

Initialize and run cgminer

Step One

If dcrd is not finished syncing to the blockchain, wait for it to finish, then proceed to the next step. When it is finished, it will show:

[INF] BMGR: Processed 1 block in the last 5m34.49s

Step Two

In your cgminer directory, start cgminer with the command:

~/Decred/$ ./cgminer --blake256 -o -u <username> -p <password>

Create a cgminer configuration file by pressing the following keys: S (Settings), W (Write Config File), Enter (Save config file as cgminer.conf). Note that cgminer.conf will be placed in the same directory as cgminer. cgminer can now be launched by simply running the command:

~/Decred/$ ./cgminer

This concludes the basic solo cgminer setup guide. For more information on cgminer usage and detailed explanations on program functions, refer to the official cgminer README.