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Obtaining DCR


This article discusses some of the ways a user can acquire Decred.

The five basic ways are:

  • Purchase Decred using BTC or fiat currency
  • PoW mine for Decred
  • Participate in proof-of-stake voting
  • Contribute to Decred
  • Sell or trade goods or services with someone who already has Decred

Purchasing Decred

There is a variety of ways to purchase Decred listed on the Decred website.

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges enable swapping another cryptocurrency for Decred
  • Direct exchanges allow Decred to be purchased with fiat currency
  • OTC (Over The Counter) traders allows large purchases of Decred at a fixed price

Mine for Decred (PoW)

Proof-of-Work (PoW) is a measure of using computational power to create and verify the cryptographically secure blockchain. This is similar to traditional Bitcoin mining. PoW mining is described in more detail here.

Participate in Proof-of-Stake Voting

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) voting is performed by stakeholders who lock a certain amount of their DCR in return for voting rights and a monetary reward. PoS voting is described in more detail here.

Contribute to Decred

Decred is currently recruiting contractors - members of the community who are paid in Decred for their contributions. Check out Contributing section for details and how to get involved.

Sell/Trade Goods or Services for Decred

If you are an online merchant, there are some payment processors listed on the Decred website which can help you accept Decred payments. Some of these payment processors can also provide integration with major e-commerce platforms.

An alternative way to obtain Decred is to use your skills, knowledge, or experience by exchanging services for Decred as payment. Services can be anything that you are skilled at which are in need or requested by other members of the Decred community.