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dcrlncli sendtoroute - Send a payment over a predefined route.


   dcrlncli sendtoroute [command options] [arguments...]


Send a payment over Lightning using a specific route. One must specify the route to attempt and the payment hash. This command can even be chained with the response to queryroutes or buildroute. This command can be used to implement channel rebalancing by crafting a self-route, or even atomic swaps using a self-route that crosses multiple chains.

There are three ways to specify a route:

  • using the --routes parameter to manually specify a JSON encoded route in the format of the return value of queryroutes or buildroute:

       dcrlncli sendtoroute --payment_hash=<pay_hash> --routes=<route>

  • passing the route as a positional argument:

       dcrlncli sendtoroute --payment_hash=pay_hash <route>

  • or reading in the route from stdin, which can allow chaining the response from queryroutes or buildroute, or even read in a file with a pre-computed route:

       dcrlncli queryroutes --args.. | dcrlncli sendtoroute --payment_hash= -
    notice the ‘-‘ at the end, which signals that dcrlncli should read the route in from stdin.


Option Info
--payment_hash value, --pay_hash value The hash to use within the payment’s HTLC
--routes value, -r value A json array string in the format of the response of queryroutes that denotes which routes to use