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dcrlncli sendcoins - Send decred on-chain to an address.


   dcrlncli sendcoins [command options] addr amt


Send amt coins in atoms to the BASE58 encoded decred address addr.

Fees used when sending the transaction can be specified via the --conf_target, or --atoms_per_byte optional flags.

Positional arguments and flags can be used interchangeably but not at the same time!


Option Info
--addr value The BASE58 encoded decred address to send coins to on-chain
--sweepall If set, then the amount field will be ignored, and all the wallet will attempt to sweep all outputs within the wallet to the target address
--amt value The number of decred denominated in atoms to send (default: 0)
--conf_target value (Optional) The number of blocks that the transaction should confirm in, will be used for fee estimation (default: 0)
--atoms_per_byte value (Optional) A manual fee expressed in atoms/byte that should be used when crafting the transaction (default: 0)