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dcrlncli Options and Commands

Last updated for dcrlnd release v0.3.0.

dcrlncli is a client which controls Decred Lightning Network Daemon (dcrlnd) via RPC calls. You can use dcrlncli for many things, such as checking your balance, managing channels, creating transactions, and viewing network information.

dcrlncli is not a daemon - it does not run permanently in the background - it calls the requested RPC method, prints the response, and then terminates immediately.


   dcrlncli [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

Global Options

Flag Info
--rpcserver value Host:port of Decred LN daemon (default: "localhost:10009")
--lnddir value Path to dcrlnd’s base directory (default: "~/.dcrlnd")
--tlscertpath value Path to TLS certificate (default: "~/.dcrlnd/tls.cert")
--chain value, -c value The chain dcrlnd is running on e.g. decred (default: "decred")
--testnet Use the test network
--simnet Use the simulation network
--regtest Use the regression test network
--no-macaroons Disable macaroon authentication
--macaroonpath value Path to macaroon file
--macaroontimeout value Anti-replay macaroon validity time in seconds (default: 60)
--macaroonip value If set, lock macaroon to specific IP address
--help, -h Show help
--version, -v Print the version


General Commands

Command Info
getinfo Returns basic information related to the active daemon.
getrecoveryinfo Display information about an ongoing recovery attempt.
debuglevel Set the debug level.
stop Stop and shutdown the daemon.
version Display lncli and lnd version info.
help, h Shows a list of commands or help for one command

Autopilot Commands

Command Info
autopilot Interact with a running autopilot.

Channel Commands

Command Info
openchannel Open a channel to a node or an existing peer.
closechannel Close an existing channel.
closeallchannels Close all existing channels.
abandonchannel Abandons an existing channel.
channelbalance Returns the sum of the total available channel balance across all open channels.
pendingchannels Display information pertaining to pending channels.
listchannels List all open channels.
closedchannels List all closed channels.
getnetworkinfo Get statistical information about the current state of the network.
feereport Display the current fee policies of all active channels.
updatechanpolicy Update the channel policy for all channels, or a single channel.
exportchanbackup Obtain a static channel back up for a selected channels, or all known channels
verifychanbackup Verify an existing channel backup
restorechanbackup Restore an existing single or multi-channel static channel backup

Graph Commands

Command Info
describegraph Describe the network graph.
getnodemetrics Get node metrics.
getchaninfo Get the state of a channel.
getnodeinfo Get information on a specific node.

Invoice Commands

Command Info
addinvoice Add a new invoice.
lookupinvoice Lookup an existing invoice by its payment hash.
listinvoices List all invoices currently stored within the database. Any active debug invoices are ignored.
decodepayreq Decode a payment request.
cancelinvoice Cancels a (hold) invoice
addholdinvoice Add a new hold invoice.
settleinvoice Reveal a preimage and use it to settle the corresponding invoice.

Macaroon Commands

Command Info
bakemacaroon Bakes a new macaroon with the provided list of permissions and restrictions.
listmacaroonids List all macaroons root key IDs in use.
deletemacaroonid Delete a specific macaroon ID.
listpermissions Lists all RPC method URIs and the macaroon permissions they require to be invoked.
printmacaroon Print the content of a macaroon in a human readable format.

On-chain Commands

Command Info
estimatefee Get fee estimates for sending decred on-chain to multiple addresses.
sendmany Send decred on-chain to multiple addresses.
sendcoins Send decred on-chain to an address.
listunspent List UTXOs available for spending.
listchaintxns List transactions from the wallet.

Payment commands

Command Info
sendpayment Send a payment over lightning.
payinvoice Pay an invoice over lightning.
sendtoroute Send a payment over a predefined route.
listpayments List all outgoing payments.
queryroutes Query a route to a destination.
fwdinghistory Query the history of all forwarded HTLCs.
trackpayment Track progress of an existing payment.
querymc Query the internal mission control state.
queryprob Estimate a success probability.
resetmc Reset internal mission control state.
buildroute Build a route from a list of hop pubkeys.

Peer commands

Command Info
connect Connect to a remote dcrlnd peer.
disconnect Disconnect a remote dcrlnd peer identified by public key.
listpeers List all active, currently connected peers.

Startup commands

Command Info
create Initialize a wallet when starting dcrlnd for the first time.
unlock Unlock an encrypted wallet at startup.
changepassword Change an encrypted wallet’s password at startup.

Wallet commands

Command Info
newaddress Generates a new address.
walletbalance Compute and display the wallet’s current balance.
signmessage Sign a message with the node’s private key.
verifymessage Verify a message signed with the signature.
wallet Interact with the wallet.

Watchtower commands

Command Info
tower Interact with the watchtower.
wtclient Interact with the watchtower client.