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dcrlncli verifychanbackup - Verify an existing channel backup


   dcrlncli verifychanbackup [command options] [--single_backup] [--multi_backup] [--multi_file]


This command allows a user to verify an existing Single or Multi channel backup for integrity. This is useful when a user has a backup, but is unsure as to if it’s valid or for the target node.

The command will accept backups in one of three forms:

  • A single channel packed SCB, which can be obtained from exportchanbackup. This should be passed in hex encoded format.

  • A packed multi-channel SCB, which couples several individual static channel backups in single blob.

  • A file path which points to a packed multi-channel backup within a file, using the same format that dcrlnd does in its channels.backup file.


Option Info
--single_backup value A hex encoded single channel backup obtained from exportchanbackup
--multi_backup value A hex encoded multi-channel backup obtained from exportchanbackup
--multi_file value The path to a multi-channel back up file