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dcrlncli listinvoices - List all invoices currently stored within the database. Any active debug invoices are ignored.


   dcrlncli listinvoices [command options] [arguments...]


This command enables the retrieval of all invoices currently stored within the database. It has full support for paginationed responses, allowing users to query for specific invoices through their add_index. This can be done by using either the first_index_offset or last_index_offset fields included in the response as the index_offset of the next request. The reversed flag is set by default in order to paginate backwards. If you wish to paginate forwards, you must explicitly set the flag to false. If none of the parameters are specified, then the last 100 invoices will be returned.

For example: if you have 200 invoices, dcrlncli listinvoices will return the last 100 created. If you wish to retrieve the previous 100, the first_offset_index of the response can be used as the index_offset of the next listinvoices request.


Option Info
--pending_only Toggles if all invoices should be returned, or only those that are currently unsettled
--index_offset value The index of an invoice that will be used as either the start or end of a query to determine which invoices should be returned in the response (default: 0)
--max_invoices value The max number of invoices to return (default: 0)
--reversed If set, the invoices returned precede the given index_offset, allowing backwards pagination