dcrlncli closechannel - Close an existing channel.


   dcrlncli closechannel [command options] funding_txid [output_index]


Close an existing channel. The channel can be closed either cooperatively, or unilaterally --force.

A unilateral channel closure means that the latest commitment transaction will be broadcast to the network. As a result, any settled funds will be time locked for a few blocks before they can be spent.

In the case of a cooperative closure, One can manually set the fee to be used for the closing transaction via either the --conf_target or --atoms_per_byte arguments. This will be the starting value used during fee negotiation. This is optional.

To view which funding_txids/output_indexes can be used for a channel close, see the channel_point values within the listchannels command output. The format for a channel_point is ‘funding_txid:output_index’.


Option Info
--funding_txid value the txid of the channel’s funding transaction
--output_index value the output index for the funding output of the funding transaction (default: 0)
--force attempt an uncooperative closure
--block block until the channel is closed
--conf_target value (optional) the number of blocks that the transaction should confirm in, will be used for fee estimation (default: 0)
--atoms_per_byte value (optional) a manual fee expressed in atom/byte that should be used when crafting the transaction (default: 0)