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dcrlncli sendpayment - Send a payment over lightning.


   dcrlncli sendpayment [command options] dest amt payment_hash final_cltv_delta 
   dcrlncli sendpayment --pay_req=[payment request]


Send a payment over Lightning. One can either specify the full parameters of the payment, or just use a payment request which encodes all the payment details.

If payment isn’t manually specified, then only a payment request needs to be passed using the --pay_req argument.

If the payment is manually specified, then all four alternative arguments need to be specified in order to complete the payment:

  • --dest=N
  • --amt=A
  • --final_cltv_delta=T
  • --payment_hash=H

The --debug_send flag is provided for usage purely in test environments. If specified, then the payment hash isn’t required, as it’ll use the hash of all zeroes. This mode allows one to quickly test payment connectivity without having to create an invoice at the destination.


Option Info
--pay_req value A zpay32 encoded payment request to fulfill
--fee_limit value Maximum fee allowed in atoms when sending the payment (default: 0)
--fee_limit_percent value Percentage of the payment’s amount used as the maximum fee allowed when sending the payment (default: 0)
--cltv_limit value The maximum time lock that may be used for this payment (default: 0)
--outgoing_chan_id value Short channel id of the outgoing channel to use for the first hop of the payment (default: 0)
--force, -f Will skip payment request confirmation
--dest value, -d value The compressed identity pubkey of the payment recipient
--amt value, -a value Number of atoms to send (default: 0)
--payment_hash value, -r value The hash to use within the payment’s HTLC
--debug_send Use the debug rHash when sending the HTLC
--final_cltv_delta value The number of blocks the last hop has to reveal the preimage (default: 0)