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dcrlncli restorechanbackup - Restore an existing single or multi-channel static channel backup


   dcrlncli restorechanbackup [command options] [--single_backup] [--multi_backup] [--multi_file=


Allows a user to restore a Static Channel Backup (SCB) that was obtained either via the exportchanbackup command, or from dcrlnd’s automatically manged channels.backup file. This command should be used if a user is attempting to restore a channel due to data loss on a running node restored with the same seed as the node that created the channel. If successful, this command will allows the user to recover the settled funds stored in the recovered channels.

The command will accept backups in one of three forms:

  • A single channel packed SCB, which can be obtained from exportchanbackup. This should be passed in hex encoded format.

  • A packed multi-channel SCB, which couples several individual static channel backups in single blob.

  • A file path which points to a packed multi-channel backup within a file, using the same format that dcrlnd does in its channels.backup file.


Option Info
--single_backup value A hex encoded single channel backup obtained from exportchanbackup
--multi_backup value A hex encoded multi-channel backup obtained from exportchanbackup
--multi_file value The path to a multi-channel back up file