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dcrlncli exportchanbackup - Obtain a static channel back up for a selected channels, or all known channels


   dcrlncli exportchanbackup [command options] [chan_point] [--all] [--output_file]


This command allows a user to export a Static Channel Backup (SCB) for a selected channel. SCB’s are encrypted backups of a channel’s initial state that are encrypted with a key derived from the seed of a user. In the case of partial or complete data loss, the SCB will allow the user to reclaim settled funds in the channel at its final state. The exported channel backups can be restored at a later time using the restorechanbackup command.

This command will return one of two types of channel backups depending on the set of passed arguments:

  • If a target channel point is specified, then a single channel backup containing only the information for that channel will be returned.

  • If the --all flag is passed, then a multi-channel backup will be returned. A multi backup is a single encrypted blob (displayed in hex encoding) that contains several channels in a single cipher text.

Both of the backup types can be restored using the restorechanbackup command.


Option Info
--chan_point value The target channel to obtain an SCB for
--all If specified, then a multi backup of all active channels will be returned
--output_file value If specified, then rather than printing a JSON output of the static channel backup, a serialized version of the backup (either Single or Multi) will be written to the target file, this is the same format used by dcrlnd in its channels.backup file