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dcrlncli queryroutes - Query a route to a destination.


   dcrlncli queryroutes [command options] dest amt


Queries the channel router for a potential path to the destination that has sufficient flow for the amount including fees


Option Info
--dest value The 33-byte hex-encoded public key for the payment destination
--amt value The amount to send expressed in atoms (default: 0)
--fee_limit value Maximum fee allowed in atoms when sending the payment (default: 0)
--fee_limit_percent value Percentage of the payment’s amount used as the maximum fee allowed when sending the payment (default: 0)
--final_cltv_delta value (Optional) Number of blocks the last hop has to reveal the preimage (default: 0)
--use_mc Use mission control probabilities
--cltv_limit value The maximum time lock that may be used for this payment (default: 0)